Malthi Revisited

A Fortified Bronze Age Settlement in Messenia.Work in Progress Workshop

Swedish Institute at Athens May 23 2018


10.00-10.25  Michael Lindblom: Introduction

10.25-10.50  Vasiliki Tsoumari: Connectivity in Middle and Late Helladic Northern Messenia

10.50-11.15  Rebecca Worsham: Data Mining: The 2015-2017 Fieldwork Seasons

11.15-11.40  Michael Lindblom: Pottery and Periods: The Chronology of Malthi

11.40-12.10  Coffee

12.10-12.35  Rebecca Worsham: A Wealth of Walls: The built environment

12.35-13.00  Claire Zikidi: Faunal and Human Remains

13.00-13.25  Daniel Fallu: Soil Formation and Micromorphology

13.25-13.45  Michael Lindblom: Visualization and Reconstruction

13.45-14.00  Closing remarks

Attached files: Programme, Invitation

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