Hermione, The Argolid (2015- ongoing)

Published: 2021-02-10

Fig. 1: Map over Hermione (Basemap: Google maps satellite image).

Fig. 1: Map over Hermione (Basemap: Google maps satellite image).

Ancient Hermione was one of the city states of the southern Argolis region. Today the remains of the polis mostly lie under the homonymous modern town, located on a long narrow peninsula. Its tip, known as the Bisti, is a park, whereas today’s Hermione covers the east slope of the 70-meter tall Pron hill. A fertile plain, once hosting a water course, is found between the Pron and the mountainous Peloponnesian landscape in the north. Both sides of the Hermione peninsula feature excellent natural harbours.

Ancient Hermion

Published: 2015-09-16

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The project: A Greek cityscape and its people. A study of Ancient Hermion is a collaboration between the Ephorate of Antiquities of Argolida and the Swedish Institute at Athens. The fieldwork began this summer with five intensive days of 3D laser scanning and surveying with GPS. Focus lay on the presumed temple of Demeter Chthonia and its surroundings. We furthermore traced the ancient city wall and started re-investigating visible remains in the important necropolis situated along the road to the ancient city of Mases.


A new Greek-Swedish collaboration focusing on the ancient city of Hermione

Published: 2015-07-01

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Ancient Hermione is mostly hidden under the modern city. Photo: Jenny Wallensten

A Greek cityscape and its people. A study of Ancient Hermion/Hermione

In 2015, together with the Ephorate of Antiquities of Argolida, the Swedish Institute at Athens commenced work on a joint three-year study of Hermione or Hermion, an ancient city known through written sources and archaeological remains identified through surveys and scattered rescue excavations. The General Director of this project is Dr Alcestis Papadimitriou, Ephorate of Antiquities of Argolida, and Dr Jenny Wallensten is responsible for the Swedish team...


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