Published: 2017-01-10


The database PRAGMATA contains material from more than a hundred years of Swedish archaeological activity in Greece.

PRAGMATA includes an inventory of archaeological materials, storage, contextual information, including photos and links to scanned and annotated excavation documentation, as well as information from older databases converted to a modern database format.

Educational Programs

education Kurs12.3

The Swedish Institute at Athens arranges regular educational programmes for postgraduate students enrolled at universities in Sweden.
Among the programmes, which are always organized in co-operation with a Swedish university, The Archaeology and History of Ancient Greece: A Travelling Seminar has the longest tradition going back all the way to the Institute’s founding in 1948. It is nowadays given biannually, and from 2014 onwards during the autumn semester. Every second year the Institute gives a thematic course, which during the last couple of years has focused on continuity in cultic practices from Antiquity up to the present.


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