Athens Greek Religion Seminar

Programme, Spring 2016

Welcome to the Spring 2016 series of Athens Greek Religion Seminars.


February 9, 15.00: Edward Harris, Pollution and Purification in Athenian Law and in Attic Tragedy: Parallels or Divergences?

March 8, 15.00: Alexander Herda, What is ‘true’ Ionian? Some thoughts about Homer, the Panionion, Athens, and beyond

April 12, 15.00: Evi Sikla, Gifts for the Gods? Reflections on the role of figurines in Minoan ritual and religion

May 10, 15.00: Michael Kerschner, The beginnings of the Artemision of Ephesos in the Protogeometric period. How to verify cultic activity in the Early Iron Age?

June 7, 15.00: Michael Konaris, Revisiting the masks at the Sanctuary of Artemis Orthia

All seminars are free of charge and take place at the Swedish Institute at Athens, Mitseon 9. No registration is required.


For questions,
please contact the organisers Jenny Wallensten and Soi Agelidis:

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