Greece through the eyes of the travellers from the North

The Nordic Narrative in Athens

Published: 2019-02-14

In the presence of all the Nordics in Athens, the official opening of the exhibition "Greece through the eyes of the travellers from the North" will take place at the Swedish Institute on Tuesday 19 February at 19.00 with a lecture on "Nordic travellers in Greece: From the Vikings until Today".

The old admiral [Kanaris], who knew of our visit, came to meet us at the top of the stairs. I must confess I was somewhat surprised when I saw him, as he was a small but strongly-built man, with youthful animation in his movements and a youthful bloom on his face. He greeted us unassumingly and, after welcoming us politely, he ushered us into the house. […] Whatever opinion people may entertain of Kanaris as a politician, his honest and unpretentious character seems to be universally acknowledged. The Psariot hero has indeed made Admiral but has never wished to command a fleet, or indeed any vessel other than his fireship, maintaining that he is unfit for any other job. Fredrika Bremer (Sweden) 1859


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