Aegean Lectures

Programme academic year 2017-2018

The Aegean Lectures are organized in collaboration with Aegeus – Society for Aegean Prehistory. The lectures are designed to present new findings, new excavations and new research studies on the prehistory of the Aegean and neighbouring regions, such as Cyprus and Asia Minor, from the Palaeolithic to the Early Iron Age (Geometric times).

Special attention is given to the relationship between archaeologists, excavations, and local communities. Furthermore, in the lectures themes and areas of Greece that are not widely known to the archaeological community are explored.

Extensive summaries of the lectures are regularly posted on the Aegeus website. Moreover, with the consent of the speakers, all lectures are video recorded in order to be made available to those unable to attend.

The programme of the Aegean Lectures for the academic year 2017-2018.

Research/ Lectures

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