The Institute

The board

The Swedish Institute at Athens is a private foundation financed mainly by the Swedish government through the Ministry of Education. The government also appoints the chairman of the board and an auditor to audit the accounts.

The Foundation address:
Stiftelsen Svenska institutet i Athen
Skeppargatan 8
114 52 Stockholm

Staff: Kristina Björksten-Jersenius

Telephone: (+46) 8 572 11 940
E-mail: sia[at]medelhavsinstituten[dot]se

The Board of the Swedish Institute at Athens, 2021-2023

Chairman Ruth Jacoby
Treasurer Staffan Bengtsson
Secretary Jenni Hjohlman
Fil.dr., Administrative Director, Head of Publications
Kungl. Vitterhetsakademien
Board members

Gunnel Ekroth
Professor in Classical Archaeology and Ancient History
Uppsala University

Susanne Berndt Ersöz
Senior lecturer in Classical archaeology and ancient history
Lund University

Ida Östenberg
Professor in Classical Archaeology and Ancient History
University of Gothenburg

Ann-Louise Schallin
Associate Professor in Classical Archaeology and Ancient History
Stockholm University

Mikael Johansson 
Senior lecturer and Docent in Greek
University of Gothenburg

Maria Oen
Senior lecturer of Art History and Visual Studies
Lund University

Yannick de Raaff 
PhD student, Student representative
Gothenburg University

Kjell Weinius
The Association of Swedish Classicists


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