Sustainability through cultural heritage (Day 2)

Sustainability through cultural heritage

Teaching seminar

Publicerad: 2024-05-13

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We are pleased to invite interested colleagues to an evening seminar discussing joyful learning about cultural heritage with focus on sustainability. Warmly welcome on Monday the 20th or Wednesday the 22nd of May at 6 p.m.! (The same seminar will be given twice.)

The seminar combines two projects, the initial From Dinosaurs to Grandmother – Back to the Future, and the newly launched Erasmus+ project Sustainability from the Start.

From Dinosaurs… investigates 5-year-old children’s thoughts about “the olden days”, and how to use culture heritage for learning, whereas Sustainability… aims at strengthening knowledge about sustainability and sustainable development, and how to teach it to young children and involve them in dialogue about time and history. During the seminar we will present ideas based on both projects of how to work with young children and cultural heritage linked to sustainability. 


  • Welcome.
  • Presentation of the method Joyful learning through culture heritage - to link culture heritage to 2030 Agenda of sustainability.
  • Presentation of the program Sustainability from the start – how to integrate a variety of sustainability concepts into teaching and daily life of young children.
  • About collaboration between museum, preschools, and culture heritage societies.
  • How to work with young children and cultural heritage linked to sustainability.
  • The Swedish concepts of cultural heritage and historical use.
  • How to inspire and create networks between museums, preschools, cultural heritage societies and OMEP.
  • Workshop: Look back to move forward.
  • Reception. 


Elisabeth Corsander, Curator of Education at Bohusläns museum.
Education: BA in Classic archaeology and history, studies in Ethnology, Art history and Museum pedagogy.

Marika Russberg, Coordinator and Developer of Local Historical Societies at Bohusläns museum/Bohusläns hembygdsförbund.
Education: BA in Archaeology and Ethnology, studies in Art history, Pedagogy, and Tourism.

Erica Strand, Preschool director (online).
Education: preschool teacher, sustainability developer. OMEP Sweden National Committee.

Ingrid Engdahl, Associate Professor in Child and Youth Sciences, Stockholm university.
OMEP Sweden National Committee.


The seminar will be held in English and is free of charge. It will be given at two occasions, May 20 and 22, 2024 at 6 p.m. in a hybrid format, with live presence at the Swedish Institute at Athens, Mitseon 9, Athens, and online via Zoom.

Sign up to participate on Monday, May 20 (Day 1)

Sign up to participate on Wednesday, May 22 (Day 2)

For further questions, please contact:

All welcome!

Some more information:

The From Dinosaurs to Grandmother– Back to the Future project was a great success. It received several awards, for example regarding education for sustainability (OMEP, The World Organization for Early Childhood Education) and was nominated for the Swedish UNESCO Prize 2021 and FUISM (Pedagogy in Swedish museums) prize 2021. In April 2024, the method was presented at OMEP’s Europeans assembly and conference.

The course Sustainability from the Start is free of charge and available via the app ECE Academy (AppStore or Google Play). The app contains eight modules that have activities for children and was developed in an Erasmus+ project during 2022-2024, by Kristianstad University in Sweden, OMEP in Euope, and edChild.

Attached file: Invitation


Tisdag 2024-06-11

Plats: Swedish Institute at Athens, Mitseon 9, Athens, Map
Tid: 17:00 (Athens)


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