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Workshop & Exhibition: Arts for Social Development


The workshop that was held on 3 March 2016, brought together NGOs and voluntary organizations us­ing arts and artistic creativity as a working method to support and help immigrants, refugees and other minority groups with their inte­gration, learning, mental and social change.

Our purpose was to provide a platform for the exchange of experiences, ideas and knowledge in a field that has shown important poten­tial for integration as well as for improved quality of life. The participants had also the opportunity to examine and discuss ways of social entrepreneurship.

An exhibition of work done by the NGOs took place alongside the workshop.

The speakers was:

  • Birgitta Notlöf, founder and director of LIVSTYCKET (http://www.livstycket.com/), Sweden
  • Antonis Antoniou, Psychologist, Coordinator of support activities ARSIS Athens (http://arsis.gr).
  • Michael Afolayan, co-founder of the African Cultural Center ANASA (https://anasaorg.wordpress.com), Greece.
  • Önver Cetrez, Deputy Director of the Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul, co-founder of the Centre QNUSHYO (http://qnushyo.com/) in Turkey.
  • The event was open to the public and organized by the Swedish Institute at Athens with the support of the Swedish Embassy and in the context of the Arts for Social Development organized by EUNIC (European Union National Institutes for Culture).

    Picture: Pattern ”The whole world in one bag”

    The flight from war and insecurity often begins with one single bag. What parts of a whole life can be packed and what has to be left behind? Many people have come to Sweden with just one bag.
    At Livstycket in Tensta some of these new Swedes have recounted their story about their flight by drawing their one and only bag during the winter of 2006/2007. The drawings became a fabric design and it was exhibited at Svenskt Tenn in Stockholm during the spring of 2007. Memories of packing for the last time are inextricably linked to the first memories of Sweden. Leaving and arriving with only one bag, in a design from Livstycket.

    We educate women we educate the world

    Printed: 2023-12-02
    From the web page: Swedish Institute at Athens