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An archive and database of Swedish archaeological research in Greece


The project aims to make available the information and material from all Swedish excavations in Greece from 1894 and onwards. By organizing and complementing the Institute’s archive, and by creating an online database comprising digitized excavation documentation and information about the archaeological material, it will be accessible to researchers. An important part of the project concerns the information on a unique archaeological collection from Asine, now stored at Uppsala University.

Through many decades, the Swedish Institute at Athens has been responsible for several important excavations in Greece that are still of great interest to Swedish and international researchers. If the finds and field documentation are accessible, generations of archaeologists can re-study the material utilizing new theoretical perspectives or methods. Presently, the absence of registers regarding documentation and information about the finds and their physical location hampers research. Furthermore, some of the old field documentation is rapidly deteriorating.

The Institute has an obligation to keep records of its archaeological projects, but has not yet had the assets to fulfil this duty in a satisfactory manner; the planned project will redress this situation. The database will constitute a powerful tool for future research, ensure open access to fragile original documentation, and publicly acknowledge the archaeological materials produced by Swedish scientists for more than 100 years.

Search the database PRAGMATA

Search the database PRAGMATA

Search the database PRAGMATA

Printed: 2024-06-22
From the web page: Swedish Institute at Athens