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Athens Greek Religion Seminar

Programme, Autumn 2018


Welcome to the Autumn 2018 series of Athens Greek Religion Seminars.


October 9, 15:00
Linda Talatas: Pregnant sows and the cult of Demeter

November 6, 15:00
Jenifer Neils: Bulls and Rams for Erecththeus? Sacrificial Animals on the Parthenon Frieze

November 27, 15:00
Christina Mitsopoulou: 2008-2018: the Kernos- Plemochoe issue reconsidered

December 13, 15:00
Eleni Fassa: Isiac deities in Macedonia: Introduction patterns, assimilation strategies and the politics of cultic incorporation

All seminars are free of charge and take place at the Swedish Institute at Athens, Mitseon 9. No registration is required.


For questions,
please contact the organisers
Jenny Wallensten, jenny.wallensten[at]sia[dot]gr

Printed: 2024-06-22
From the web page: Swedish Institute at Athens