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Swedish Institute at Athens: Coming Events

05 OCT

The Athens Greek Religion Seminar: Amelia Brown, Rites of the Ancient Mariners: Corinthian Votive Model Boats and Ancient Greek Maritime Religion

Time: 17:00, Digital: Using Zoom Google Map

08-14 OCT

Athens Ba­ro­que Fes­ti­val

Time: , Youtube Google Map

12 OCT

Prof. Nicole Belayche: "On the giants’ shoulders". The Eleusinian mysteries in the Roman period, between historiography, literary traditions and epigraphy

Time: 19:00

04-5 NOV

Lectures in Honour of Prof. Robin Hägg by Prof. James Wright: An Archaeological History of the Mycenaean Palace

Time: 19:00

Printed in: 2021-09-27
From the web page: Swedish Institute at Athens