Swedish Institute at Athens: Coming Events

02 NOV

The Athens Greek Religion Seminar: A. Kavoulaki, RITUAL SYNERGY & INTIMACY in non-dramatic and dramatic choral lyric: Pindar fr. 75, Euripides’ Cyclops and Aristophanes’ Frogs

Time: 17:00, Limited live participation & Zoom Google Map

03 NOV

Svensk fältarkeologi i Grekland: Ingrid Berg, "Kalaureia"

Time: 20:00, Digital: Using Zoom Google Map

04-5 NOV

Lectures in Honour of Prof. Robin Hägg by Prof. James Wright: An Archaeological History of the Mycenaean Palace

Time: 19:00, Italian Archaeological School at Athens & Zoom Google Map

Printed in: 2021-10-25
From the web page: Swedish Institute at Athens