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Svenska institutet i Athen: Månadsprogram


Månad: Mars 2024

12 Tisdag 2024-03-12
The Athens Greek Religion Seminar: Tulsi Parikh, “Rethinking the Ancient Greek Temenos. Boundary or Frame?”

Plats: Swedish Institute at Athens, Mitseon 9, Athens, Map
Tid: 17:00 (Athens)

19 Tisdag 2024-03-19
From narrative to lived spaces: Digenis Akrites in recent research

Plats: Online
Tid: 18:00 (Athens)

29 Fredag 2024-03-29
Aegean Lecture: Paraskevi Elefanti, “A tale of two sites: Technological traditions at the Pleistocene to Holocene boundary in Greece, based on evidence from Boila Rockshelter and Kephalari Cave”

Plats: Svenska institutet i Athen, Mitseon 9, Athen, Map
Tid: 19:00 (Athens)

Utskriven: 2024-05-18
Från sidan: Svenska institutet i Athen