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Time: 18:00 (Svensk tid), Place: Digital: Using Zoom,

Webinar lecture: Swedish Travellers in 18th-Century Greece, by V. Sabatakakis

Time: 18:00 (Swedish time), Place: Digital: Using Zoom,

Time: 18:00 (ώρα Σουηδίας), Place: Διαδικτυακή πλατφόρμα Zoom,

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Cultural events organized, administrated or supported by the Institute

Archaeology is what the Institute revolves around, but other cultural activities remain an important part of the Institute’s programme. Through the years it has promoted meetings between Swedish and Greek artists, organizing symposia for translators and sculptors and presentations of poetry and other literature. These meetings have taken place both in Kavala and in Athens. At our guest house in Kavala, Swedish artists and scholars have a unique opportunity to work in a stimulating atmosphere and to experience both ancient and modern Greece. We believe it important also to introduce Swedish culture through exhibitions and concerts to the Greek public not only in Athens but also outside Athens.

The Institute’s budget sets aside very little money for these activities. What we can offer is knowledge of the Greek scene and a broad network of organizers of cultural events and media, built up over the years through staff continuity. During the last few years the Institute has initiated and/or administrated a series of projects, more often than not with the support of the Swedish Embassy in Athens and external funding.

Events by Month

Wednesday 2021-03-24

Digital: Using Zoom
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18:00 (Svensk tid) 19:30

Webinar lecture: Swedish Travellers in 18th-Century Greece, by V. Sabatakakis

Digital: Using Zoom
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18:00 (Swedish time) 19:30

Διαδικτυακή πλατφόρμα Zoom
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18:00 (ώρα Σουηδίας) 19:30
Tuesday 2021-03-30

The Athens Greek Religion Seminar: C. Keesling, Hera at Olympia: Cult and Collection

Digital: Using Zoom
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Mod och Blod: M. Mauzy, ˮSårade soldater, farsoter och karantän - Svenska Röda Korssystrar i Grekland 1897, 1912 och 1913ˮ

Digital: Using Zoom
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