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Ancient Urbanism in Western Thessaly: A One-Day Workshop

Published: 12/03/2019

Ancient Urbanism in Western Thessaly

The archaeology of Western Thessaly has long found itself in the shade of the more well-known sites of the eastern half of the region. However, more recent work in the peripheral units of Karditsa and Trikala has highlighted the wealth of archaeological sites here, with numerous large and important ancient cities scattered on an around the plain. Many of these urban sites has only recently been studied, with several still awaiting systematic investigation.

The workshop will address the challenges of examining ancient cities in Western Thessaly on a full-site level, using the Greek-Swedish project at Vlochos as a case study. Questions relating to method development and application, scale, and resolution will be discussed, and will surely be of interest even beyond the bounds of Thessaly.

Where & When?
Swedish Institute at Athens (Mitseon 9), March 20 2019, 10.00-14.00


Each paper will take ca 20 minutes with some time for questions and answers after each presentation.

09:45 – Coffee

10:00 – Jenny Wallensten, director (Swedish Institute at Athens), welcomes the participants.

10:00–10:30 Robin Rönnlund (Swedish Institute at Athens)
Ancient Greek urbanism in Western Thessaly: Challenges, methods and the current state of research.

10:30–11:00 Fotini Tsiouka (Ephorate of Antiquities of Karditsa, Greece)
Classical-Hellenistic urban sites in the region of Sofades and Palamas, Thessaly.

11:00–11:30 Derek Pitman (Bournemouth University, United Kingdom)
Integrated non-invasive survey for examining Ancient Greek urban sites.

11:30–11:45 Coffee

11:45–12:15 Lawrence Shaw (University of Winchester, United Kingdom)
Geophysical survey as a tool for mapping urban development: Method development and results from the 2016-2018 Greek-Swedish work at Vlochos, Thessaly.

12:15-12:45 Johan Klange (Arkeologikonsult, Sweden)
Survey of visible architectural remains: Experiences from the Vlochos Archaeological Project and the Makrakomi Archaeological Landscapes Project.

12:45-13:15 Marta Venuti and Alessio Toscano Raffa (University of Messina, Italy)
The Greek-Italian archaeological programme at Skotoussa, Thessaly.

13:15–14:00 Discussion

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Ancient Urbanism in Western Thessaly

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Tuesday 05/03/2019

Lecture: V. Sabatakakis, ˮPeople are very polite, enjoyable and healthy, they live well and have funˮ. Swedish travelersʼ narratives from 18th century Greece

Swedish Institute at Athens, Mitseon 9, Athens
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Friday 15/03/2019

Symposium in the memory of Konstantina Peppas Delmousou

Epigraphical Museum,Tositsa 1, Athens
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11:00 20:00
Wednesday 20/03/2019

Workshop: Ancient Urbanism in Western Thessaly

Swedish Institute at Athens, Mitseon 9, Athens
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09:45 14:00
Tuesday 26/03/2019

The Athens Greek Religion Seminar: S. Agelidis, Meat on the Bones: Death and World Order: Implications of Hadesʼ chthonic aspects

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Friday 29/03/2019

Aegean Lecture: E. Maragoudaki, The first mechanically driven woodworking tools (bow drill and lathe) in shipbuilding and furniture making respectively during the LBA period

Swedish Institute at Athens
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19:00 21:00

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