European Day of Languages 205


The Swedish Institute together with the Swedish School at Athens celebrated the European Day of Languages at Klafthmonos Square on Saturday 26 September 2015. The multilingual festival with events and happenings, was organized jointly with eleven other countries represented by their institutes and embassies, [...]

Aegean Lectures - Programme Autumn 2015


The Swedish Institute at Athens and Aegeus-Society for Aegean Prehistory are very pleased to announce the Aegean lectures for autumn. All lectures will take place at the Swedish Institute (Mitseon 9, Athens), at 19:00 on the following dates: Friday, 9 October 2015 Middle Kalamas Archaeology Project, Thesprotia: [...]

The Athens Greek Religion Seminar, Autumn 2015


Welcome to the Autumn 2015 series of Athens Greek Religion Seminars. Programme September 29, 15.00: Emmanuel Voutiras, Religious acts in the reconciliation agreement of Dikaia October 13, 15.00: Eleni Fassa, Claiming autochthony in Roman Macedonia: The Mother Goddess of Leukopetra October 30, 15. [...]

Ancient Hermion


The project: A Greek cityscape and its people . A study of Ancient Hermion is a collaboration between the Ephorate of Antiquities of Argolida and the Swedish Institute at Athens. The fieldwork began this summer with five intensive days of 3D laser scanning and surveying with GPS. Focus lay on the presumed temple of Demeter Chthonia and its surroundings. [...]

Water resource in time and space: Focus Greece, 2016


Students and teachers in the 2014 year’s course in the medieval fort of Palaea Navarino high above the Bay of Navarino.
Students and teachers in the 2014 year’s course in the medieval fort of Palaea Navarino high above the Bay of Navarino.

The Masters course Water resource in time and space: Focus Greece has been given every year since 2008 in co-operation with the Departments of Economic History at Uppsala University, Cultural Geography at Stockholm University, and Thematic Studies/Environmental Change at Linköping University. [...]

The Archaeology and History of Ancient Greece: A Travelling Seminar


A course that gives postgraduate and presumptive doctoral students an opportunity to travel around in Greece in order to visit archaeological sites and museums has always been very much at the core of the Institute’s activity. It has been given since the Institute’s founding in 1948, and most Swedish scholars in Classical archaeology have at some point taken part in it. [...]



At Midea in the Argolid a Greek-Swedish project has been going on since 1983 under the direction of Katie Demakopoulou. Since 2000 Ann-Louise Schallin has been in charge of the Swedish side of the project.

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