The Athens Greek Religion Seminar

Programme, Spring 2022

Published: 2021-12-17

Welcome to the Spring 2022 series of the Athens Greek Religion Seminar.


January 18, 17.00
Maria Spathi: Who Was the Deity Worshiped? Revisiting a Sanctuary on Messenian Mount Ithome

February 8, 17.00
Ariadni Gartziou-Tatti: Sacrifices and Ritual at Dodona

March 1, 17.00
Aliki Moustaka: In the shadow of the Panhellenic Sanctuary. Remarks on cult practices at the Eileithyia/Sosipolis Sanctuary of Olympia.

April 19, 17.00
Sylvain Lebreton: Ancient Greek Polytheism and Divine Epithets: The Example of Zeus in Attica

May 17, 17.00
Sabine Neuman: Imaginary Gods — The Cults of the Graeco-Egyptian Deities in Athens

June 7, 17.00
Björn Forsén: Cults and Identities in Arcadian Mainalia

The seminars take place at 17h (Athens time), in a hybrid format at the Swedish Institute at Athens, or exclusively via Zoom, depending on current restrictions.

To participate, send an email to

Links will be available one week ahead of each seminar.


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