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Midea, Argolid (1939, 1963, 1983–2009)

Published: 18/05/2020

<p>Fig. 1: Map over the site of Midea (Basemap: Google maps satellite image).</p>

Fig. 1: Map over the site of Midea (Basemap: Google maps satellite image).

The acropolis of Midea and its important Late Bronze Age citadel is located on a 270 m tall conical hill in the Argolid, 1.5 km from the contemporary cemetery at Dendra and about midway between Tiryns and Mycenae. From the top of the hill, looking south and west the site offers a magnificent view of the Argive plain and gulf. To the north and east the tall inland mountains dominate the landscape. This view, making it possible to monitor the plain and its approaches, possibly contributed to the importance of the site during the Bronze Age. 



Published: 06/08/2015

At Midea in the Argolid a Greek-Swedish project has been going on since 1983 under the direction of Katie Demakopoulou. Since 2000 Ann-Louise Schallin has been in charge of the Swedish side of the project.



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