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Berbati valley, Argolid (1935–1938, 1953, 1959, 1988–1990, 1994–1995, 1997, 1999)

Published: 30/06/2020

<p>Fig. 1: Map over prominent sites in the Berbati, Limnes and Miyio valleys (Basemap: Google maps satellite image).</p>

Fig. 1: Map over prominent sites in the Berbati, Limnes and Miyio valleys (Basemap: Google maps satellite image).

Swedish archaeologists have conducted fieldwork in and around the Berbati valley in the Argolid on the Peloponnese since the 1930s. Initially work was focused on excavations in the western part of the Berbati valley itself, but later the investigations came to incorporate also the Limnes and Miyio valleys located to the east. The investigated area is encircled by tall mountains and clearly delimited from its surroundings. To the south, over the mountain ridge of Euboia lies the plain of Argolis and to the west Mycenae is reachable through a pass between the mountains Zara and Profitis Elias. To the north and over the Psili Rachi lies the valley of Ayonori while the area to the east of the Limnes and Miyio valleys is dominated by tall mountains. Due to the location between Corinth and the Argolid, the three valleys have been described as a border region, dominated by one or the other of the two cities throughout the millennia.

Berbati in the Argolid

Arto Penttinen, Published: 01/07/2015

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Photo 1 A view of the Berbati Valley from the east towards Zara and Charvati. Mycenae lies behind the mountains. In the center the Mastos Hill: Photo Berit Wells. Photo 2 The site of Pyrgouthi from the north towards the Klisoura or ravine through which one enters the valley from the Argive plain. Photo: G. Söderberg, 1997.

In 1934 Axel W. Persson initiated his archaeological investigations in the Berbati Valley east of Mycenae. In the ensuing years he worked in the valley together with among others: Åke Åkerström, Gösta Säflund and Erik J. Holmberg…



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