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Kastelli hill, Chania (1969–2014)

Published: 30/06/2020

<p>Fig. 1: Map over the site of Chania with site indicated (Basemap: Google maps satellite image).</p>

Fig. 1: Map over the site of Chania with site indicated (Basemap: Google maps satellite image).

The archaeological site of Agia Aikaterini square is located on the Kastelli hill in Chania, Crete, close to the harbour of the old town. Continuous human habitation from Neolithic times until today has been identified here, a period of about 5000 years, interrupted only between the end of the Bronze Age and the Late Geometric Period (c. 1150–735 BC). The site of the Late Minoan period may be identical with Kydonia, a place known from Linear B tablets. Besides uncovering an impressive urban settlement, the excavations at Chania have been important for two particular reasons. Firstly, they were the first to firmly identify an important Minoan centre on western Crete. Previously it had been believed that Minoan influence was limited the east half of the island. Secondly, the five Linear B tablets discovered in 1989–1990 were the only ones found outside of Knossos since the beginning of the 20th century.

Chania on Crete

Erik Hallager, Published: 01/07/2015

The Greek-Swedish excavations under the general direction of Dr Yannis Tzedakis in co-operation with Prof. Carl-Gustaf Styrenius cover almost 5000 years of the history of the settlement of Khania …



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