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Ancient Kalaureia: The Site

<p>View of the sanctuary from the west. The island of Aigina is seen in the background. Photo: Berit Wells</p>

View of the sanctuary from the west. The island of Aigina is seen in the background. Photo: Berit Wells

Today Poros consists of two islands: Spheria, which is the modern town of Poros, and Kalaureia, the larger and less populated island. The archaeological site of Kalaureia lies on the island with the same name c. 6 km from Poros town, and can be approached by a winding road either from the town or from the village of Askeli on Kalaureia. The site is on a plateau between the hills of Aghios Elias and Vigla and has a commanding position c. 200 m above the sea level. To the north there is a visual connection with the peninsula of Methana and the islands of Angistri and Aigina, and to the south it is possible to catch glimpses of the sea against the background of the steep Peloponnesian coast. Beyond Aigina, Pireus and the coastline of Attica are visible on clear days.

Malthi in Messenia

Ann-Louise Schallin

Malthi is the name of the northern spur of the mountain range of Ramovouni in northern Messenia. The village of Vasiliko is situated some kms northeast of Malthi. In 1926 Natan Valmin came to the region and was shown two tholos tombs which he excavated the same year…


Malthi is a fortified hilltop settlement overlooking the Soulima Valley in northern Messenia. It was excavated in the 1930s by Natan Valmin and the results were published in The Swedish Messenia Expedition, Lund 1938…

Asine in the Argolid

Berit Wells

In the ship’s catalogue in the Iliad, Homer informs us who sent ships to the Trojan War. In connection with the Argolid he notes that Asine, situated at the head of the bay, sent six ships. This Asine has been identified with modern day Kastraki near the village of Tolo…

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