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To apply for field research in Greece

Published: 13/01/2021

The Swedish Institute at Athens can host six active field projects at a time: three collaborations with the Greek archaeological ephorates and three independent projects. Permission to conduct field research is granted by the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports.

Swedish scholars interested in conducting field research in Greece should contact the SIA Director and read the following available information.

Attached files:

Att ansöka om tillstånd för arkeologiskt fältarbete i Grekland.

Policydokument angående hantering av overhead vid Svenska institutet i Athen.

The Athens Greek Religion Seminar

Colleen Kron, «Children in the thiasos?» Evidence for the Initiation of Children into Orphic-Bacchic Mystery Cults

Published: 11/01/2021

Colleen Kron, Ohio State University/Stockholm University, will give a talk entitled “Children in the thiasos?” Evidence for the Initiation of Children into Orphic-Bacchic Mystery Cults.

The seminar takes place Tuesday January 19, 2021, 17.00 (Athens time) via Zoom link. 

To participate, please contact katerina.gabierakis@sia.gr (registration is obligatory).

Warmly welcome!

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