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Aegean Lectures - Programme Spring 2016


The Swedish Institute at Athens and Aegeus-Society for Aegean Prehistory are very pleased to announce the Aegean lectures for spring 2016. All lectures will take place at the Swedish Institute (Mitseon 9, Athens), at 19:00 on the following dates: [...]

The Athens Greek Religion Seminar, Spring 2016


Welcome to the Spring 2016 series of Athens Greek Religion Seminars.ProgrammeFebruary 9, 15.00: Edward Harris, Pollution and Purification in Athenian Law and in Attic Tragedy: Parallels or Divergences?March 8, 15.00: Alexander Herda, What is ‘true’ Ionian? Some thoughts about Homer, the Panionion, Athens, and beyondApril 12, 15. [...]

Continuity and construction: Ancient Greek cult in a long-term perspective


This programme investigates whether we can identify continuity of cult between different periods of Greek antiquity. What did Herakles have in common with St Michael, if anything? Why were certain ancient temples transformed into churches while others were destroyed? In certain places we seem to be able to identify long-term use for religious purposes, but does this mean continuous ritual activity or should we assume intermittent breaks with subsequent revivals of religious use?

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