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The Gustav Karlsson Lecture

The Gustav Karlsson lectures are organized biannually


Gustav Karlsson (1909–1995) was a Swedish classicist and Byzantinologist who donated his library to the Institute.

Held since 2009, the Gustav Karlsson lectures are organized biannually in order to enhance the status of Byzantinology as an academic topic in Sweden.

The Martin P. Nilsson Lecture

Lectures in ancient Greek religion in memory of Martin P. Nilsson are organized biannually at the Swedish Institute.


Martin Persson Nilsson (1874–1967) was a Swedish philologist, and a scholar of the Greek and Roman religious systems. In his prolific studies, he combined the literary evidence with the archaeological evidence, linking historic and prehistoric evidence for the evolution of the Greek mythological cycles…

Annual Open Meeting 2014

Thursday, April 3 2014, at 6 p.m.


Lecture Hall, Acropolis Museum, Dionysiou Areopagitou 15 The Work of the Swedish Institute at Athens in 2013 Arto Penttinen , Director Climate, environment and past societies. What do we want to know – and why? [...]

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