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Workshop: Balkan Bronze age Borderland II



A two week long trip in 2015 united 11 young archaeologists focussed on the LBA / EIA in the Northern Aegean and Southern Balkans and brought them on the traces of late prehistoric pottery from Central and Western Macedonia to Epirus, Albania, F.Y.R.O.M., Kosovo and SW Bulgaria.


Workshop: Digitizing the cultural heritage


The workshop  Digitizing the cultural heritage was held at the Swedish institute at Athens on Wednesday 16th March 2016 presenting the results of a three year infrastructural project aimed at inventorying and digitizing material from Swedish archaeological fieldwork in Greece, [...]

Workshop & Exhibition: Arts for Social Development


The workshop that was held on 3 March 2016, brought together NGOs and voluntary organizations us­ing arts and artistic creativity as a working method to support and help immigrants, refugees and other minority groups with their inte­gration, learning, mental and social change. [...]

The Athens Greek Religion Seminar, Spring 2016


Welcome to the Spring 2016 series of Athens Greek Religion Seminars. Programme February 9, 15.00: Edward Harris, Pollution and Purification in Athenian Law and in Attic Tragedy: Parallels or Divergences? March 8, 15.00: Alexander Herda, What is ‘true’ Ionian? Some thoughts about Homer, the Panionion, Athens, and beyond April 12, 15. [...]

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