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Ancient Hermion

The project: A Greek cityscape and its people . A study of Ancient Hermion is a collaboration between the Ephorate of Antiquities of Argolida and the Swedish Institute at Athens. The fieldwork began this summer with five intensive days of 3D laser scanning and surveying with GPS. Focus lay on the presumed temple of Demeter Chthonia and its surroundings. [...]

Malthi in Messenia

Ann-Louise Schallin

Malthi is the name of the northern spur of the mountain range of Ramovouni in northern Messenia. The village of Vasiliko is situated some kms northeast of Malthi. In 1926 Natan Valmin came to the region and was shown two tholos tombs which he excavated the same year…

Asine in the Argolid

Berit Wells

In the ship’s catalogue in the Iliad, Homer informs us who sent ships to the Trojan War. In connection with the Argolid he notes that Asine, situated at the head of the bay, sent six ships. This Asine has been identified with modern day Kastraki near the village of Tolo…

Berbati in the Argolid

Arto Penttinen

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Photo 1 A view of the Berbati Valley from the east towards Zara and Charvati. Mycenae lies behind the mountains. In the center the Mastos Hill: Photo Berit Wells. Photo 2 The site of Pyrgouthi from the north towards the Klisoura or ravine through which one enters the valley from the Argive plain. Photo: G. Söderberg, 1997.

In 1934 Axel W. Persson initiated his archaeological investigations in the Berbati Valley east of Mycenae. In the ensuing years he worked in the valley together with among others: Åke Åkerström, Gösta Säflund and Erik J. Holmberg…

Paradeisos in Eastern Macedonia

Pontus Hellström

<p>Head of neolithic figurine</p>

Head of neolithic figurine

The site was excavated for one month in 1976. It has an important strategic position on the right bank of the river Nestos (see map). Nestos today forms the border between eastern Macedonia and Thrace…

Chania on Crete

Erik Hallager

The Greek-Swedish excavations under the general direction of Dr Yannis Tzedakis in co-operation with Prof. Carl-Gustaf Styrenius cover almost 5000 years of the history of the settlement of Khania …

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