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Malthi in Messenia

Ann-Louise Schallin, 30/07/2015

Malthi is the name of the northern spur of the mountain range of Ramovouni in northern Messenia. The village of Vasiliko is situated some kms northeast of Malthi. In 1926 Natan Valmin came to the region and was shown two tholos tombs which he excavated the same year…

Dendra and Midea in the Argolid

Ann-Louise Schallin, 30/07/2015

The neighbouring villages Dendra and Midea are situated in the northern Argolid, c. six km east of the town of Argos. At Dendra there are remains of habitation from the Early Neolithic and from the Early Helladic periods…

Aphidna in northern Attica

Ann-Louise Schallin, 01/04/2015

<p>A 2000 view of the acropolis from the north. Photo: Berit Wells</p>

A 2000 view of the acropolis from the north. Photo: Berit Wells

Aphidna was in Classical times one of the Attic demes and an important fort protecting the northern Attic border. The fortress is situated on the acropolis of Kotroni on the northwestern edge of the Marathon Lake.


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